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Young Chow

New York City

We've featured some of the best selectors over the years!



Toronto, Canada

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Kevin Crown


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Kingston, Jamaica

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Jus Jay King


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DJ Don Hot

Miami, Florida

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Mix Master David

Atlanta, Georgia


DJ Spotlight!

Prince Charm

Meet our Resident DJ. With his exceptional talent and versatility, Prince Charm is a master at spinning not just reggae, dancehall, and soca, but any genre you can think of. His magnetic personality and incredible energy have made him a hit at RPB. From the packed crowds in the Garden to the highly energetic main stage, Prince Charm's electrifying presence is felt everywhere.

But it's not just his technical skills that make Prince Charm stand out. It's his ability to read a crowd and keep them on their feet for hours on end. His intuitive sense of what the crowd wants to hear is uncanny, and he never fails to deliver.

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